What an Electricity Shortage Looks Like

What an Electricity Shortage Looks Like

Power rationing in Venezuela

What an Electricity Shortage Looks Like

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As you are all well aware of Venezuela is in the mist of an economic collapse. We have previously presented articles on how they are dealing with the food and supply shortages as the store shelves empty and are not restocked. Now they are rationing electricity.

I have been fortunate enough to have lived, worked or visited in many areas of the United States and foreign countries. So power rationing is something I have dealt with in the past and it wasn’t fun! Where? Right here in the USA, I was living in base housing at Fort Riley just outside Junction City Kansas. Now the restrictions were not nearly as harsh as those currently being experienced in Venezuela, but just enough to make you really think about how tough it could become. For us, it was air conditioning that was rationed due to the extreme heat we were experiencing that summer (fishing gear melted to a puddle in the back of our truck) Definitely much hotter weather than I had ever experienced before. So we were allowed to run our room sized portable window air conditioners (your own purchase not supplied via the housing authority) during certain hours determined by house number. Military Police enforced this rule with some hefty fines for the family and an unfavorable note in the service member’s service record. We worked together and adapted. We physically rotated our daily activities along with the air conditioning. You would begin a chore in one home and complete it in someone else’s home. Children’s naps were taken in who ever had air at the time your child needed it. Those without air conditioning were never home until well after dark  when the temp would begin to fall below 100 degrees. Each home was allowed only one unit so your activities were also limited to the one room.

Think about all the items you use each day that require power and how strictly it could be monitored or even controlled by others with the smart meters available today. The featured article gives a number of tips on making life with power shortages a bit easier. See it below

Venezuela Shows Us What an Electricity Shortage Looks Like

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