14 Signs It’s Time to Bug Out

14 Signs It’s Time to Bug Out

14 Signs It’s Time to Bug Out

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One of a prepper‘s biggest concerns is knowing when to call it a go and get out of dodge. When do you drop plan A to hunker down in place and bug out?

Often things get bad so slowly that we miss the meaning of each event and become accustom to the hardship. Or they can go bad so quickly that there isn’t time to consider each event separately. You can look around you and see that others are experiencing more hardship than you and become complacent that your previous preps are enough to see you through the current event.

No one wants to be the guy who pulled his kids out of school and lost his and maybe his spouse’s jobs because they acted to soon out of fear. Nor do you want to be the nay sayer who stuck around too long and now can’t get out.

Ready Nutrition list 14 signs that it may be time for you to act. Now for some of us, acting doesn’t necessary mean bugging out. But for those of you in urban areas, or that have a safer location than where you are already it may well. See them at the featured link below

 If You See These 14 Signs It’s Time to Bug Out

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