Blackout: Prepping for an EMP at Work

Blackout: Prepping for an EMP at Work

Blackout: Prepping for an EMP at Work

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Blackouts whether due to adverse weather or the big blackout due to an EMP is more likely to hit when you are not a home. Most of us spend the majority of our day at the office or work place. If you have prepared you have a get home bag in your vehicle. I always also had a hunker down kit in my office in case the emergency prevented me from heading home. No point in attempting to drive through a volcano eruption or over flooded road ways. Both are possible issues in Washington state.

Most of you don’t live in an area with those types of disasters looming but we all need to think about the possibility of an EMP. Warfare is becoming more technological and one of the most effective ways of crippling an entire nation is to black it out.

See how you can prepare for this type of event when its occurrence catches you at work at our featured link below from Ready Nutrition

Blackout: How You Can Act Decisively If an EMP Strikes at Work

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