1st Aid uses for Egg Membrane

1st Aid uses for Egg Membrane

1st Aid uses for Egg Membrane

photo from Jocelyn’s Tips

Even if you do not eat eggs, I suggest buying a dozen and preserving them with mineral oil because this article will blow you away! For something that is normally thrown out as rubbish, the membrane lining in an egg shell has some surprising 1st aid uses. I know, who would have thought of an egg shell as a 1st aid item! With this additional use of the membrane the entire egg is usable. You can eat the egg yolk and white, use the membrane for 1st aid or a beauty aid and the shells as fertilizer in your garden!

From hang nails to boils the incredible edible egg has healing properties in the membrane. See what the membrane can do in the article below.

6 Tips Using Egg Shell Membrane

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