Are We Becoming Sheeple?

Are We Becoming Sheeple?

 Are We Becoming Sheeple?

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Once again we have a topic which a lot of people have varying ideas about. Sheeple is a term used to describe a group of people who simply follow the leader without independent thought. If the lead sheep head off a cliff the others will follow without thought to the fall.

I hope we can take this article with the intent I have for sharing it with you. I don’t want you to look at  it as one political party versus another or religion or not etc.. but rather to look at yourself within your chosen belief system. Why do you believe what you do? Is it because that is the way you were taught to think? Taught to believe or not? Do you have personal reasons for your choices that are you’re own and can you articulate them?

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The United States Has Become A Nation Of Sheeple

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