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  2. 100+ Paracord Projects — April 22, 2017
  3. Has the Clock Run Out on North Korea? — April 21, 2017
  4. Female Preppers – Defenses — April 21, 2017
  5. Masking Noise and Light Signatures — April 20, 2017

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Deadly Events Where Your “Fight or Flight” Instinct Could Save You

Deadly Events Where Your “Fight or Flight” Instinct Could Save You We are always told in an emergency scenario not to panic. In just my personal opinion panic results from our fight or flight instinct flooding our bodies with the adrenaline and our minds not knowing what to do with that energy. Running in circles, …

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100+ Paracord Projects

100+ Paracord Projects Just because it’s a rainy day or if you are snow bound there are still prepping projects that you can do! It’s also a good way to get the kids involved with preparation efforts. Paracord is a prepping staple. It has so many uses in a time of crisis. If we have …

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Has the Clock Run Out on North Korea?

Has the Clock Run Out on North Korea? As a preparedness site, we try extremely hard to remain neutral when it comes to politics. So please understand that even if an opinion in one of the featured blogs is politically charged, our reason for posting it, is because it is a world event that directly …

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Female Preppers – Defenses

Female Preppers – Defenses There was a time when prepping was seen as a man’s world. Now women can and do take care of themselves and often their children on their own. Modern marriage is seen as a partnership of equal proportions with both partners participating in the gathering of income while keeping the home …

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Masking Noise and Light Signatures

Masking Noise and Light Signatures Masking the lights and sounds we make seems obvious in a SHTF scenario. But there are both sounds and light emissions that we don’t even think about. The jingle of the change in our pockets, the tickle in the back of our throats that needs to be cleared, the flash …

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DIY Underground Greenhouse

DIY Underground Greenhouse Many of us live in climates where gardening is seasonal. But it doesn’t have to be that way! An underground greenhouse could be the answer to feeding your family in the “off” season. If you are both a DIY-er and a gardener this could be the perfect project for you! I have …

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EDC Concealed Carry SCOTTeVEST


EDC Concealed Carry SCOTTeVEST Some products designed for other activities end up being a prepper‘s best friend. The SCOTTeVEST is one of those products. If you have enough everyday carry (EDC) to fill your pockets you know how helpful this jacket or vest could be! It is available both in a jacket or vest  and …

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Purchasing Good Used Survival Items

Purchasing Good Used Survival Items When I was a kid purchasing second hand was something you didn’t brag about. Now the trend is reversed. It is not only smart but trendy to purchase used items. Not only good for the budget but the planet. That is of course if it is an item that you …

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Beginning Bushcraft

Beginning Bushcraft Busting the bushcraft kit myth is the purpose of our featured blog from Frontier Bushcraft. Author Paul Kirtley discusses the skills required to start your bush craft training. Things you should know how to do on your own without any specialized gear. I agree with his premise. You don’t really know which gear …

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Living In the Land Rather Than On the Land

Living In the Land Rather Than On the Land On all the prepper and homestead sites we talk about living off the land. But never before have we talked about living in the land! These homes are awesome. Not viable on everyone’s budget and I do think they would be expensive to build with all …

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