Avoid Ring Avulsions & Replacement Rings With a Caraband Ring

Avoid Ring Avulsions & Replacement Rings With a Caraband Ring

 Avoid Ring Avulsions & Replacement Rings With a Caraband Ring

Photo: gearjunkie

The caraband ring was a successful kick start project. I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this earlier! If you have ever caught your ring on anything you can attest to the pain it can cause. If you work or have a hobby that involves using your hands, especially around moving machinery you have all heard the stories of ring avulsions or fingers torn from the hand when a ring gets caught. But your married and want to wear your ring with pride. So you take your ring off and on for safety reasons. Dropping it in your bag, tossing it in your work locker, or in your pocket, then one day when you go to retrieve it, it’s gone.

The neat thing about this ring is that when you need to remove it, it is easy to store without losing it. This ring opens so that it can be clipped around a belt loop, an apron string, through a larger button hole, or clip to a necklace. No more losing it! An added bonus is that in an emergency you can also use it as a binder or clip!

The featured blog about the benefits of this ring from Gear Junkie I felt gave more concise information than did the completed kickstarter page. But it does link to it so you can locate it and see the amazing pricing there. See it below

Caraband: The Wedding Ring That’s Also A ‘Biner

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