Bad Strategies That Can Get You Killed

Bad Strategies That Can Get You Killed

Bad Strategies That Can Get You Killed

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I hear so many of these strategies thrown around prepping sites and it makes me shake my head. My thought is please leave a map of your cache’s and lots of usable supplies around where I can find them please. Because if that is your plan A you aren’t going to be around long enough to make use of them yourself!

BTW I do leave clues for my own group and that perhaps another prepper can understand to find my own supplies if I am not around to need them myself because with any Plan A , a good one or a bad one neither will be of use if you don’t survive the initial event! I would want my supplies then used to keep others going!

However, that aside… take a look at your plans and make sure they are realistic. It might be fun to imagine yourself as the lone mountain person making the world a better place one survivor at a time but it is grossly unlikely.

12 Bad Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed

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