Basic Old Time Home Security

Basic Old Time Home Security

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Before the days of apps that turn on your heat, lights, and alarm system with a push of a button from your cell phone we had something called basic old time home security. It wasn’t app driven but people driven. We will need to return to these methods in a long term grid down scenario when the cell phones and their apps become worthless. Common sense will again become the basic component to your home security system. But if you have never not had the app that turns on the alarm or monitors the baby in the crib, the video camera that records who is on your porch and when. These common basic old time home security measures will be new to you. Teaching your electronic minded children and young adults in your house hold these basics now while the apps are still working will not only lead to a safer home if or when those electronics are down but also teaches them to think outside the metal box and with more basic common sense.

For a listing of basics see the link below

Old School Security Measures No Prepared Home Should Be Without

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