Bugging Out….Will You Make It Out?

Bugging Out….Will You Make It Out?

Bugging Out....Will You Make It Out?

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Chances are pretty good that you will be at work or out and about when a SHTF event occurs. Simply because that is where we spend the most concentrated amount of time. That and a crisis event is never a convenient one! This means even if your plan A is to bug in you may well have to bug out to get home. If you must leave your home to get to a designated bug out location or if you simply just have to get out of dodge and be any where but where you are currently. You are indeed bugging out, will you make it out?

Do you have multiple plans? Do you have everything at the ready for those plans? Will your plans hold up even if you’re not where you had hoped to be when the crisis? For help and tips on making sure you can answer each of these questions in the affirmative linked below from the Modern Survival Blog.

Bugging Out – Will You Make It There?

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