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Top 10 Uses For a Tarp

Top 10 Uses For a Tarp Every survival, preparedness, prepping and homesteading site will advise you to own a tarp. Probably several tarps because they have so many uses. From temporary repairs to temporary shelters. I could probably name 50 uses off the top of my head But what are the top uses? See them …

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Using Drones to Your Advantage During the SHTF

Using Drones to Your Advantage During the SHTF To date most of the tales we hear about drone usage are either military or surveillance orientated. But when you think about it, (other than the ability to carry a payload over your location) these drones could also be used to your advantage in a SHTF event. I …

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Do Civilians Need Thermal Evasion Suits?

Do Civilians Need Thermal Evasion Suits? We’ve seen the use of drones on the evening news being used in a military capacity. So we tend to think of them as a military tool and in the civilian world as an invasion of privacy tool. However, once the SHTF they will surely become both in our …

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EDC Concealed Carry SCOTTeVEST


EDC Concealed Carry SCOTTeVEST Some products designed for other activities end up being a prepper‘s best friend. The SCOTTeVEST is one of those products. If you have enough everyday carry (EDC) to fill your pockets you know how helpful this jacket or vest could be! It is available both in a jacket or vest  and …

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Purchasing Good Used Survival Items

Purchasing Good Used Survival Items When I was a kid purchasing second hand was something you didn’t brag about. Now the trend is reversed. It is not only smart but trendy to purchase used items. Not only good for the budget but the planet. That is of course if it is an item that you …

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Cheap Guns vs. Budget Guns

Cheap Guns vs. Budget Guns Many folks are buying guns for the first time. We live in a more violent time than in years past. Home invasions are up, along with other crimes against people. People are preparing more than ever as well. In some countries like the United States this includes the purchase of …

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2 New Inventions Detect Date Rape Drugs

2 New Inventions Detect Date Rape Drugs Neither of these products are on the market yet. Both are undergoing fund raising and research. But that they exist is an important tool toward prevention of the use of date rape drugs. There are some with the opinion that these types of products somehow put the responsibility …

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Off-Grid Tiny House for $1100


Off-Grid Tiny House for $1100 Who knew Ikea had off grid items? First the flat pack vertical garden and now this awesome off grid solar powered tiny house or shelter.   My own plan for temporary shelter after a localized event has been tents on my own property while we repaired any structural damage to …

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Ikea’s Flatpack Vertical Garden

Ikea’s Flatpack Vertical Garden Wow, just wow! If you want a large garden and don’t have the horizontal space but do have the vertical space this new Ikea product will be right up your alley. I am fortunate enough to have both and have considered a gazebo but wanted something unique. Boy is this unique! …

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Off-grid EcoCapsule

Off-grid EcoCapsule If you are serious about going tiny and off the grid this is for you! It is indeed tiny but can be relocated just about any where in the world. The ecoCapsule is now available for preordering. There are currently only 50 on the market and depending up the days exchange rate runs …

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