DIY Freeze Drying

DIY Freeze Drying

DIY Freeze Drying

Photo from Ready Nutrition

Storing dried goods is an important part of your prepper pantry. Dehydrating your own goods is a very easy way to prepare and store large quantities of food in a small space. So is freeze drying and sometimes it can be the preferred method as it has almost a doubled shelf life in storage. Unopened freeze dried products can store for up to 25 years without any loss of nutrients or taste.

Traditionally commercial freeze drying is done by flash freezing then dehydrating in a vacuum chamber and finally tightly sealed in a water tight moisture free container. However, you can actually freeze dry your own products at home without the large cost prohibitive equipment! There are actually 5 different methods of DIY freeze drying detailed in the featured article. Choose the method that works best for you with the equipment, space and time you have.

Too see the process instructions simply follow the link below

How to Freeze Dry

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