Does a Fence Work for Defense?

Does a Fence Work for Defense?

Does a Fence Work for Defense?

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The easy answer to that question is yes… and no!

If someone is truly determined to get in a regular neighborhood fencing isn’t going to stop them. So the answer in a lawless situation a fence won’t stop those who would take from you or have intentions of harming you. Most fences are not equipped to truthfully keep the determined bad guy out.

After a total SHTF event you would want to adjust your fencing to be more deterring. Add barbed wire, increase the barricading ability or even electrify if you can. However, we are aware that where there is a will there is a way and we could only count on this to slow down would be marauders.  It would buy you some time to prepare to defend yourself and would perhaps cause the less determined to move on to an easier target.

For the opinion of Pat Henry on SHTF protection via fencing continue reading at the following link.

Will a Fence Protect You When the Grid Goes Down?

In normal times or in a less dire situation a fence can be helpful in your home defense.

  • It clearly marks property lines preventing the slow encroachment and confiscation through adverse possession.
  • It keeps your guard dog if you have one from running amok in your neighborhood costing you fines and perhaps even medical or vet bills for damages.
  • The combination of the fence and the dog can also serve as a fairly good alarm system and deterrent to would be burglars who find it much easier to seek an unfenced quieter house to rob.
  • Fencing can also help prevent accidents with your children and pets, keeping them in a confined area preventing them from wandering inadvertently into dangerous situations like a busy street.
  • For prepping purposes a normal looking neighborhood fence around your property can also assist with OPSEC as people don’t know or discuss things they can’t see.
  • They can also be useful in preventing vehicles on the street or rioters in the streets from spilling onto your property and slow them prior to reaching the danger zone of your actual home within the fencing.
  • Fencing serves as a barrier to keep your livestock from wandering away and or being claimed by another. Never mind the assistance they would be in keeping the peace with your neighbors in preventing your livestock from trampling or munching on their gardens and lawns.
  • Fencing around your garden and lawn can also help keep the peace if it is your neighbors that have the wandering livestock getting into your garden. It can also assist in preventing your sharing your harvest with the wildlife in your location.

However as detailed in the featured article a fence alone is not a defense to a serious SHTF scenario. But well worth considering in less dire situations just to keep the honest folks around you a bit more honest!

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