Friend or Foe? How do You Know?

Friend or Foe? How do You Know?

 Friend or Foe? How do You Know?

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Who is the person next to you? Do you really know? Who will they become if put to the test under the stress of a crisis? If you’re bartering how do you tell if it is time to accept the deal or if the person you’re talking to will go higher, or lower depending on which side of the barter you are on? Who is likely to buckle under pressure? How confident are they really? All good questions today and in a post SHTF world when a persons character or word can be valued at the cost of your life. You must know who is friend or foe.

You know by studying people and learning to read their inner feelings. It takes practice to do, this is true and it won’t make you a mind reader. But it will give you an advantage when bartering or battling. Begin learning these tricks to reading people now today and you will soon find it an automatic response.  But be prepared to accept what you find below the surface or you will find yourself a very intuitive but lonely person. People aren’t perfect as hard as they try to portray that they are. That includes you. We all have traits and thoughts we are not proud of and how we cope with them is the true measure of our own character.

There are a couple of tips on reading people that aren’t mentioned in the featured article linked below from Graywolf Survival that I feel are important to learn. The first is when someone shows you who they really are… believe them. You aren’t going to change them. A bigot for example isn’t going to become color blind no matter how politically correct they learn to be. A change of that magnitude has to come from within themselves. So if you can’t deal with that… walk away. Watch how people treat others. If they talk about them behind their backs etc. what makes you think you are so special that they aren’t doing the same to you? If someone is always sure that someone else is doing something illegal, immoral, etc. They are projecting their own values into someone else’s behavior. Watch them.

For a more technical methods of reading others see the link below

How to read people

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