Hand Powered Deep Water Pump

Hand Powered Deep Water Pump


Photo/graphic from well boy waterpumps

In times of drought even our own home dug water wells can go dry! The deeper you dig your well the more likely you are to be able to keep the water flowing. But another fact of water wells is that the deeper you go down the more power is needed to bring water up. No human runs  at 100% of their capacity at all times, and unfortunately as we age that capability drops to less then in our younger days. What you could do in your twenties is simply not feasible in your sixties. But you, your family, the animals and your crops still need water to sustain life. When you’re off grid this becomes an issue.

Well Waterboy  Products has developed a hand powered pump design that will allow you to pull up that deep well water without the back breaking effort of normal hand operated water pumps. With this design the elderly and even older children can accomplish this chore! Best of all you don’t have to go on the grid to use it.

If you are currently off grid or considering going off the grid this is definitely a design you should take a look at. The featured link includes video of it in use. Check it out at

Water Buck Pump

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