Health Hazards After The Flood

Health Hazards After The Flood

Health Hazards After The Flood

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Now that the hurricanes have passed a large portion of our countries resources are dealing with the aftermath of the winds, but also in the form of flooding. Not just our country either but the Caribbean is so wreaked it may never really recover. All this and the Northern and Northwestern states have not even come into their rainy seasons yet. So there is more flood season to come.

Are you prepared for the aftermath (in  the case of those hit by hurricanes the aftermath of the aftermath) of flooding? I recall as a child my mother coming unglued at my siblings and myself caught playing in flood water. Now older and wiser I not only completely understand her concern, but when I remember those moments want to take a very long hot shower!

 Just what are the health hazards after the flooding? They are more devastating then I ever imagined and if you are to prepare yourself and your family for them you need to be first aware of them! The Organic Prepper lays out the hazards to be aware of in our featured link below

What You Need to Know About Health Hazards After a Flood

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