How To Be Ready For Cold Weather Emergencies

How To Be Ready For Cold Weather Emergencies

How To Be Ready For Cold Weather Emergencies

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It is vitally important to be prepared for a cold weather emergency. Sometimes the power goes out, stores are closed, the roads are blocked and cash machines are inoperable. Even if the store is open, and you have cash, the supplies may already be gone. The best option is to have an emergency kit already prepared for the car, home, school and workplace. These are basic items that will be necessary for an evacuation or cold weather emergency.

The emergency kit should take into consideration any item that would be necessary for not only the family, but any pets. The supplies should be kept where they can be easily accessed. When the forecast is predicting severe weather, the gas tank should be kept filled. It may not be possible to wait in line to fill the vehicle during an emergency. In case a power failure makes the credit card machines and ATM’s inoperable, cash should be kept somewhere safe.

A list of what to do in the winter regarding family, vehicles and homes has been complied by the CDC, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These tips include staying informed regarding the weather, news and family members. It is recommended you have access to a portable charger, a cell phone and extra batteries in case of a power outage.

A radio powered by batteries along with additional batteries should be kept to stay informed in case of any local emergency updates. The broadcasts from the National Weather Service are an excellent choice. Some of the newer radios have a cell phone charger built-in.

The family should have a communication plan in place. This includes what each member will do if there is an emergency, the way contact will be made, and a meeting place if the family should become separated. It is important to check on all family members, and any older neighbors because someone may need help. Learn all the terms used for winter storms, and pay close attention to warnings, advisories and watches because they may save your life.

It is unsafe to try to heat the home with heat from the cooking stove. Keep warm coats, sleeping bags and extra blankets for heat in case of a power failure. Additional alternatives include a gas-log fireplace, a fireplace with a store of dry wood, and portable kerosene or propane heaters with extra fuel. It is advisable to make certain these heaters are legal by asking the local fire department. All electric space heaters must have an automatic shutoff switch. Do not place these heaters near water, on furniture, within three feet of drapes or furniture or on a wet floor. Children should never be left alone anywhere near the heater.

Generators should not be used inside including the garage, or near the homes intake because they release carbon monoxide. Fuel for generators, kerosene and propane must not be stored indoors because it can ignite. Do not use a generator if it has become wet or damp.

Candles should be avoided, and lanterns or battery powered flashlights used as an alternative. The fumes emitted by portable gas camping stoves or charcoal grills are deadly indoors. House fires are caused by candles, so if you choose to use them, do not leave them unattended.

During severe winter conditions, keep safety supplies and one week of food on hand. Frigid weather can cause pipes to freeze, so drinking water should be available. In case you lose heat, have foods with a good shelf life and canned foods including dried fruits, crackers and bread on hand as well.

Some of the basic items that should be readily available include all necessary medications, a manual can opener, pet food, a first aid kit and rock salt. Do not travel on bad roads unless absolutely necessary. If travel is unavoidable, a cell phone with a portable charger, a windshield scraper, shovel, battery operated radio, water, energy bars, blankets, road salt, booster cables, emergency flares, tool kit, compass, road map, matches and extra batteries should be kept in the vehicle.

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