Improvised Weapons in Every Room

Improvised Weapons in Every Room

 Improvised Weapons by Room

Graphic: teachinginturkey.wordpress.com

No one is armed all the time and very choose to live their lives with a firearm always at arms length. This is especially impractical if you have children or others in the home who aren’t comfortable or trained to proper handling of said firearms.

There are what I call go to improvised weapons found in most homes, a bat, a fireplace tool, kitchen knives etc.. But even if you have a loaded weapon under the pillow, you could be caught off guard. Our homes are our havens and when we (and rightfully should) let our guard down the most.

You cant count on having time to run to the entry to grab a bat (even if it’s kept next to the backdoor) or being in the room where you have a fireplace, your weapon stored or in your kitchen. So you would have to think out of the box under pressure.

True Prepper has done some thinking about this issue and has come up with what they feel is the best improvised weapons available in just about every room of your home. See them at the featured link below

The Best Improvised Weapons in Every Room of Your House

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