The Best Jobs To Have During Economic Collapse

The Best Jobs To Have During Economic Collapse

The Best Jobs To Have During Economic Collapse

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As we watch economies across the globe collapse and the desperation it is causing, more of us are preparing for those economic problems. The majority of those trying to prepare are aware that government programs are not going to save them from the consequences. We work hard every day for the wage we earn and some of us also hold volunteer positions in addition to those wage paying jobs.

Which of those jobs will still exist when the economy hits bottom? Will any position outside of the necessary become a non-voluntary volunteer position? Or will those positions go unfilled as people no longer have hope that what they are doing will have any effect upon the world or their incomes? Will we be too busy working at home on simple day to day survival chores because the wages have stopped to consider a job outside of that? What is your best bet for keeping an income coming in to your household during an economic collapse? Is your current position one of them? Do you have the skills to fill one of the necessary jobs that will still exist? See what the opinion is of The Urban Survival Site linked below

17 Best Jobs To Have When The Economy Collapses

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