Mission Statement

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Our mission is to assist you in obtaining all the information you need to be prepared for any difficult scenario.

*This is an aggregated site. We bring blogs from various different sites to give you the widest possible view of preparedness ideas. The opinions expressed are those of the author rather than our own. I believe that no one is an expert on anything and that the greater number of ideas and opinions we can expose ourselves to the better we are able to find a solution to any issue we might face. What works for one person is often very different than what is suitable for another.

We do not ever intentionally fear monger. Some issues may be more disturbing to some people than to others. Our desire is to bring you the information that will help you to be prepared not scared.

Because we are bringing you varying opinions we expect that you will use your common sense and best judgement to determine what would be best for you in your personal situation. We do not censor the information and would ask that our site be used by adults only due to the nature of the subject matter.

We are not a political site and attempt to remain as neutral as possible on politics. I would ask that you respect that in your comments and while discussing any issue or post on our site.

Everyone with an interest in being prepared is welcomed regardless of political affiliations, country of origin, race, religion and personal beliefs.

You are always welcome to express your opinion on any of our social media we only ask that you do so without the use of profanity and without intentionally prodding or trolling other group members. We encourage your contributions and ideas.

We are unable to deeply vet any of the blogs or statements made by a blogger. We do attempt to use information from only reliable sources. However much like news sites we can’t always insure that they are quoting anything correctly. If we find that we have used a site or promoted a blogger who is intentionally putting out false or misleading information we will remove the offending post from our site. We appreciate your assistance in ferreting out inaccurate statements of fact.

It is my belief that hacks and tips for everyday life assist in the preparedness by helping you to thrive today while preparing for tomorrow. Not every post will be directly related to preparedness but hope they will be helpful in living the prepper life style.

It is our opinion that a SHTF event is any event that negatively effects your life. It does not have to be a world wide disaster natural or manmade.

The majority of aggregation of posts for this site are on preparedness and homesteading.

The view of preparedness for the purpose of this site is quality of life insurance. We encourage self-reliance, sustainability, recycling, reusing, frugality and personal independence while having a little fun along the way!




Definition of aggregate

  1. :  formed by the collection of units or particles into a body, mass, or amount :  collective: such as taking all units as a whole