MIY Dandelion Coffee

MIY Dandelion Coffee

  MIY Dandelion Coffee

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The lowly dandelion is plentiful self sustaining weed by most standards. They can be found growing in what would ordinarily be considered a barren location. For many years we battled fighting off the dandelion from our yards and gardens. Now we are beginning to understand their health benefits to humans and we are once again making use of this plant.

The featured article linked below provides the recipe and instructions for making dandelion root coffee. This soothing cup of coffee is said to have both diuretic and laxative properties so it is not intended for multi cup consumption nor for use by pregnant or lactating women. Check with your physician prior to use if you are on medications as there are reports of negative interactions with drugs like antibiotics, acetaminophen, statins and Valium. During a crisis scenario your diet may change substantially creating the need for a natural laxative/diuretic, so keep it in mind.

Dandelion Root Coffee

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