Off Grid Living and Thriving!

Off Grid Living and Thriving!

 Off Grid Living and Thriving!

Photo: cam mather

The homestead dream has never died for many Americans, Canadians, and  Australians as well as folks in other countries across the world. Now off grid living seems to be a bit of a double edged sword.

Perhaps seen as a bit easier to do these days then in the past due to all the improvements in equipment etc.. It no longer must take weeks to plow a field for planting with a horse and plow. Now in just a few hours with farm equipment the same amount of land can be prepped.

However, those equipment needs are costly. Now we also have the added concerns of modern conveniences we don’t want to live without like electricity, indoor plumbing, and running hot and cold water in our homes which used to be impossible on a homestead.

Is it still doable while providing the standard of living we are accustom to in the modern world? A couple from Ontario tells us it is indeed. See their journey off grid while continuing to thrive at our featured link below.

Living Off the Grid and Thriving!

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