OPSEC: An Alternative View

OPSEC: An Alternative View

 OPSEC: An Alternative View

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OPSEC is always a hot topic in prepping circles. The majority feel that keeping the bulk of our preparations quiet is a safety issue. Believing that if your level of preparedness is known it can make you a target for looters, the desperate seeking more help than you have to give and even governmental confiscation and redistribution of your supplies.

Then there are those that practice a lesser level of OPSEC and share info with others who want to prepare. It is my own belief that in my current unique situation that sharing what I have learned and where I learned it will serve me in the long run by preparing others now rather than after a disaster. The more of us that are prepared, the more of us that will survive, and the fewer of us will have the unprepared and desperate knocking on our doors after a SHTF event. Am I going to broadcast this information to my immediate neighbors, or provide anyone with an address? Of course not.

Todd from Survival Blog has another alternative version of OPSEC and his reasons equally valid. See his thoughts on OPSEC at the featured link below

Survivalism, Prepping, and OPSEC: An Alternative View

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