Optimum Survival Group Size

Optimum Survival Group Size

 Optimum Survival Group Size

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We all know that that lone wolf survival epic is just that… an epic myth. It might be the way to go when the SHTF initially. But eventually you must sleep. There is a whole lot to be done to stay alive with any quality of life. Even the old hermits and mountain men of legends past either had someone who stopped by with supplies a time or two each year or they made the trip to a trading post now and again.

It takes more time and energy than a single person alone is capable of maintaining to be self sufficient. Gardens must be dug, planted, tended, harvested, hunting needs to be done and the critters don’t come looking for you. That’s just eating, add the need for clean water, the process of storing the food you harvest, game has to be butchered and preserved for later use, shelter must be obtained and maintained etc.. Even if you could manage to stay alive on your own, in a true SHTF scenario there will be other survivors who aren’t doing as well as you are. Desperate people will do desperate things to get what you have and your body can’t go too long with out sleep or it begins to break you down both mentally and physically. Without security, all they have to do is wait you out.

So how people does it take to have a real chance at surviving long term after an event? How working bodies will it take to accomplish all that needs to be done without over taxing the resources they do have? What is the optimum number that it will take to make a quality of life that can be sustained for all of them?

Prepperlytics takes an analytical look at the equation and provides their opinion on the question at our featured link below

The Ideal Prepper Group Size

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