Could You Pass the Prep 5-5-5 Test?

Could You Pass the Prep 5-5-5 Test?

 Could You Pass the Prep 5-5-5 Test?

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Most of us believe we fall into one of three categories of preparedness. The first is we are prepped for anything at any time. (If you feel you are in that category you may find that you have underestimated the fickleness of disasters) The second is that we have preps that will carry us through most disasters and know we have more to do and learn. The third is we hope that we are prepared for a disaster but are fairly sure that if the SHTF tomorrow we will be better off than most but will still find ourselves in a world of hurt.

The following blog from Graywolf Survival gives us another three categories for our prep work. I hadn’t truly looked at my own preps in this manner prior to reading the featured link below  Now that I have, I know I have some work to do on both the first 5 and the third 5.

Where do you fall in the 5-5-5 test?

Are you really prepared for an emergency? The 5-5-5 bug out test

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