Pawn Stars Negotiation Technique Will Help You Barter Post SHTF

 Pawn Stars Negotiation Technique Will Help You Barter Post SHTF

  Pawn Stars Negotiation Technique Will Help You Barter Post SHTF

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Unless you frequent a number of flea markets, garage sales or yard sales, you probably don’t do a lot of bartering. Some professions are built on negotiation skills but the majority of professions don’t do so on a regular basis. It is indeed a skill and it will be an important skill post SHTF!

If you don’t hold a hard line you may get run over and not get the best value for your skills or goods. However, if your line is too firm, you may find yourself left holding goods or services that you are unable to trade and without what you need.

Pawn brokers are one of the businesses where employees can find themselves negotiating with customers hoping to trade their prized possessions as collateral for cash. In that scenario there is an uneven balance of power as the pawn broker usually holds the cards. He or she plans to resell your goods if you are unable to meet the terms of the agreement. Therefor to remain profitable they must allow for a resale mark up when taking in goods. The person holding the goods is at the disadvantage as they are usually in a desperate position to find themselves in the negotiation in the first place.

Reading people, accessing the value of goods, and bartering are all part of a pawn brokers business. These skills will be invaluable to you post SHTF when you may need to barter for what you need. Pick up some tips from the pros at our featured link from Ask a Prepper on a technique used by some of the most well known of brokers … the Pawn Stars below

 This Pawn Stars Negotiation Technique Will Guarantee You The Best Value For Your Items After SHTF

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