Pedal-Powered Washer

Pedal-Powered Washer

 Pedal-Powered Washer

photo: goodhomesdesign

If there is a long term SHTF event that leaves us without power, we will be busy folks trying to provide for ourselves and our families without power. An off gird washer can make our lives a lot easier under those conditions.

There are a lot of small devices that work well and are reasonably inexpensive as well. This one is relatively new on the prepping/homesteading scene. I like this one over many of the others as it doesn’t require any water pressure to operate like a couple of the others do nor is it big and bulky like several of the other models. Even better is that this one could be feasible for use today for those who don’t have a washer in their home. The price is low enough that it could recover it’s own cost in just a few months with what would be spent in a coin operated laundry. It’s also small enough and inconspicuous enough that it could sit in your apartment without drawing a lot of attention from anyone visiting. You could even take it camping! Check it out at the Good Home Design link below

 Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40

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