Plan Your BOB A Free Customizing Tool

 Plan Your BOB A Free Customizing Tool

Plan Your BOB A Free Customizing Tool

Photo from American Truth (the editor’s bag- Frank Borelli) courtesy of Bing

We try to think of every scenario and preplan for every situation, but is that practical? When packing your BOB you must be ready for several different situations. But can you carry the weight of those items? Would you be better served with a few key items? Perhaps using more dual purpose items? Just what will serve you best and be light enough to carry over a long distance if necessary?

At the titled link below try the free tool that helps you balance your weight with your needs. There is a pop up ad on the linked site requesting you obtain the BOB guide this is not necessary to use the planning tool. We have no control over the ads! Click no thank you and make use of this awesome tool!

Plan Your Bug Out Bag Contents With A Free Customizing Tool

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