Post SHTF Dentistry

Post SHTF Dentistry


Photo from Dentistry.com

Needles and dentists are two things that frighten me. Dentists with needles are among the most scary people on the planet in my opinion! If you have ever had a bad dentist or a bad tooth without easy access to a dentist I know you understand.

After a SHTF event that scenario could become true for a whole lot of people. How are you going to handle dentistry after an event that takes away your access to medical and dental professionals? It’s an issue we all need to consider. Obviously prevention will be a top priority even more so than it is now. Insure that your preps include those prevention items and if possible the ingredients to make your own toothpaste and oral hygiene items.

For doing it on your own if you must see the featured articles below.

For what items to stock in order to perform dental treatments see here >> DIY Dental Extractions

For instructions and warnings on doing your own dental work see here >> Survival Dentistry, by Dr. Dent

The best way to avoid needing any of this is to make sure your dental needs are current and up to date now in normal times!

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