Reasons to Keep Buckets of Water

Reasons to Keep Buckets of Water

water bucket

photo from Sharing Life’s Abundance

We all know why we should have fresh drinking water stored. But what about the other uses that don’t involve cooking or drinking? If the grid goes down, these are things that will be important too and no one wants to use their stored safe drinking water for these chores. This can be done with rainwater if necessary but only if the disaster in question happens during your local rainy season. You can’t count on mother nature to be that cooperative! So having a bucket or two around can be real helpful for the featured reasons..

5 Reasons to Stash 5-Gallon Buckets Of Water

I personally can think of many more than 5 reasons to have extra water around for emergency scenarios. After you take a look at the 5 reasons detailed in the article linked, come on by the page and tell us what other reasons you can think of why you might want extra water for things other than drinking.

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