Rogue 5 Year Olds Busted in the UK and USA

Rogue 5 Year Olds Busted in the UK and USA

 Rogue 5 Year Olds Busted in the UK and USA

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Whew, we can all have a sigh of relief that these young ladies were caught!!! 😛

When I first saw the story of Gabby Dehaas, a 5 year old California girl fined for operating an unlicensed lemonade stand, I didn’t believe it. The young lady was trying to earn enough money for a bike of her own and managed to earn $83.00 toward her goal. Only to receive a bill with interest added from the city of Porterville USA for a business license! However, when I looked into her story, not only did I find it to be true but not a one time issue for 5 year olds! Another 5 year old, Andre Spicer, in Tower Hamlets UK was also busted for the illegal operation of a lemonade stand and in her case was approached by the police, ticketed £150 (about $195), and shut down on the spot!

See their stories linked below: (2 links)

In the USA:  State Authorities Fine 5yo Girl for Selling Lemonade Without Business License

In the UK     5-Year-Old Girl Fined By Police For Selling Lemonade

UPDATE: Both cities involved have apologized and the fines waived, But these young ladies should have been praised for their entrepreneurial spirits. What a ridiculous and a total waste of government funds and time! Never mind the damage done to the youngsters involved.

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