Smell is One of Your First Lines of Defenses

Smell is One of Your First Lines of Defenses

Smell is One of Your First Lines of Defenses

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Sometimes we humans forget that we are a member of the animal kingdom. We were given sensory gifts genetically. We can touch, taste, smell, hear and see. Too often we rely on the ability to see and hear as our primary senses and don’t appreciate our other senses as much as we should. Our sense of smell has become desensitized by an over load of smells in our modern world. But in times of stress and strife often times if we work at it, these senses can be heightened and enhanced.

See the ideas presented about the sense of smell and how it can help you in a disaster and how you can enhance your sense of smell when it’s need at our featured link below from Ready Nutrition

In a Disaster, Your Sense of Smell Is One of Your First Lines of Defense

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