Spending the Night in your Vehicle Trapped by Snow

Spending the Night in your Vehicle Trapped by Snow

Spending the Night in your Vehicle Trapped by Snow

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One of the most common causes of death during snow storms is freezing to death. I grew up in a Northern state where at least one or two people a year died when stranded in the snow who made the mistake of not preparing or leaving the vehicle thinking they could walk to safety. Many of you may have never experienced a white out. I am sure you have all experienced a sudden black out where you literally couldn’t see your hand in front of your face while your eyes try to adjust. A white out is the same only instead of black you see only white and your eyes not only can’t adjust but you could actually find the moisture in your eyes freezing.

The featured blog today tells you how you can spend a night or perhaps even longer in your vehicle and survive. It contains tips that you might not have thought of… as in … timing the on and off running of your vehicle to the weather report on the radio or if you must leave the vehicle for any reason, how to adjust your dress and to use a safety line. See other good tips and even a great list of supplies to keep in your vehicle from Survival Common Sense linked below

Peter Kummerfeldt: Tips for spending the night in your vehicle during an emergency

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