Spray Criminal Identifier – UK Legal

Spray Criminal Identifier

UK Legal

 Spray Criminal Identifier - UK Legal

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There are a number of citizens prepping today who may not want a lethal weapon or are restricted by law from owning or having one at all. Of all the non-lethal defense items out there I love this one! It is non toxic so if you should inadvertently spray it on yourself or someone whose intent wasn’t actually to harm you. (Who hasn’t been startled by someone innocent?) Or if a child should get ahold of it, it won’t cause any long term damage. (Other than their pride)

What it does do is make the would be attacker very uncomfortable for long enough for you to either get away or defend yourself in a more substantial way. Then it marks them for up to 7 days as a criminal who is most likely being sought by authorities! No more mistaken identity claims when you’ve got colored dye on your skin from a victim.

If after a SHTF event someone comes knocking on my door, claiming they want to join up and have supplies or skills to offer. I would send them on their way right quick if they are marked with this stuff! They obviously came into contact with someone who felt they were a threat and I won’t risk the security of my family by even checking them out.

I know many preppers feel non lethal defense items are a waste, but think about it for the family member who isn’t willing or able to use a firearm, a teenager, grandma etc.. isn’t something better than nothing. Especially if it marks them to make locating and incarcerating them easier?

Get more info on the product and use as a self defense item in locations or for people who aren’t firearm ready or able at the link below from UK Prepper’s Guide.

Pepper Spray For Use In The UK For Non Lethal Survival Defence

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