Supplies for Pandemic Survival

Supplies for Pandemic Survival

 Supplies for Pandemic Survival

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If you are a fan of TWD (A popular USA zombie television series – The Walking Dead) you know what would be the worst pandemic scenario! Now we rationally know that a pandemic of any kind isn’t going to create zombie beings. However, if you have seen what the end stages of an Ebola victim look like, zombies aren’t that horrific after all. No one wants to be ill, never mind terminally ill.

A pandemic is when an illness spreads uncontrolled through out the population. Any exposure to the illness will want to be avoided. This could result in a long term voluntary or even a non-voluntary quarantine and would definitely qualify as a SHTF scenario. We in the western world have only seen the tip of a pandemic ice berg in this century. But we only need look to the trials and tribulations of many third world countries to see how devastating it could be.

There are supplies and other measures you may want to take now prior to any pandemic occurrence. If there is another disaster event we could well see the break down of our medical system and find old diseases that have been effectively controlled once again striking the population. Be prepared.

Ask a Prepper provides a list of 30 supplies they recommend we have and be prepared to use to stay well during such an event. See them linked below

30 Supplies for Pandemic Survival

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