Survival Uses For Paracord

Survival Uses For Paracord

 Survival Uses For Paracord

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We’ve seen all the cool paracord accessories in the forum of bracelets, belts, key chains, etc.. Better yet they have improved them a great deal since they first hit the “fashion” scene to include a large variety of other emergency supplies in the buckles, clasps, and wrapped within. If you don’t have one or haven’t seen them you can do so in the following links.

Once you have your chosen paracord accessory (other than the add on uses now included) just what would/could you use this paracord for in an emergency scenario? Surely there can’t be enough accidents where an individual needs to have a rope thrown to them to warrant the popularity of these items! Truthfully there are more reasons to have paracord in a survival situation then you might think. See them linked below in our featured article from Skilled Survival,

Paracord Uses: How To Actually Use Your Survival Paracord

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