What is tacticool? It’s a made up word to describe those that have more equipment or gear then they do knowledge of how to use those cool tactical purchases.

You should indeed have the best gear that you personally can afford AND know how to use. Having the newest fanciest new thingabob and whatchamacallit is all good if you know how to make good use of it. Otherwise not only are you wasting your money, but doing yourself and your group a disservice. Looking tough and being tough are two very different things. You have seen me say hundreds of times “knowledge is the lightest thing in your BOB” but it is the most important part of prepping. Attitude will determine survival long before any gear is put into play. The biggest strongest and smartest of people can be taken down with a single bullet the same as the person standing in the middle of the street waving their arms and screaming what do I do now? Get your gear together as you learn how to use it. Make your gear work for you! To help insure you aren’t or don’t become tacticool continue at the link below


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