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How To Make A 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator

How To Make A 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator   Opps this entry has been moved to…DIY Hydroelectric Generator-Hydropower  

Knife Blades Infographic

Knife Blades Infographic When I first started prepping and collecting knives I only knew of two blades. Straight and serrated. Oh how naive I was… There are more than 10 basic blade types to choose from I don’t have any idea how many more specialty blades there are available out there. For information on the most common basic blades …

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DIY Inexpensive Bike Trailer

DIY Inexpensive Bike Trailer Bikes are great SHTF vehicles! No fuel required human powered transportation. Easy mobility on debris covered streets and a silent mode of transportation. But that little basket we attach to the front for carrying goods just isn’t going to cut it in on a scavenging mission! This little trailer could be used for hauling your bug …

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Dehydrating Oranges & How to Use Them

Dehydrating Oranges & How to Use Them I love dehydrating fruits! A healthy treat but did you know you can use the dehydrated fruit for a lot more than eating? I have never really known what to use dehydrated citrus for other than in baked goods until coming across this article. The article is from our friends over …

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