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The Purge: Should You be Worried?

The Purge: Should You be Worried? What is The Purge? Well it’s a new movie that depicts a future world where for a 12-hour period in any and all crime is legalized. It’s a movie… fiction! So why are people worried??? Social media and foolish people in truth. There are small groups and young individuals sending …

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Civil Unrest Survival

Civil Unrest Survival The photo above wasn’t taken in a known war zone but in the streets of Ferguson Missouri USA August 17, 2015 during civil unrest over a civilian shooting by a police officer. So began the seemingly unending bouts of rioting and violence across the United States. That incident was a terrible tragedy …

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How to Cope with Civil Unrest in a Crisis


How to Cope with Civil Unrest in a Crisis The first three days after a crisis is relativity calm and it can be called a grace period where people help others to cope and provide a hand up to the less fortunate. Rules are followed and pilfering supplies or looting a grocery store is far …

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