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Starting Your Compost Pile

STARTING YOUR COMPOST PILE With all the rains we’ve had this Spring and early Summer, you should have quite a bit of “Greens” ( grass clippings and prunings from trees ) that you could add to some of the ” Browns ” listed below to ge…t your Compost Pile off to a early start. Anything …

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Inexpensive Composting Toilet

Inexpensive Composting Toilet Human waste isn’t traditionally something we like to talk about or even think about but the attached video makes a lot of practical green living sense. There are several very nice bathroom composting systems on the market. But for the most part the prices currently are daunting and often the set up …

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DIY Ultimate Compost Bin

DIY Ultimate Compost Bin It is already time to begin preparing for next year’s garden! If you compost year around you always have good rich soil come planting season. Composting is not only good for your garden, your pocket book, but also for our environment. Instead of trashing or your food scraps and yard waste, …

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