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How Ebola Will Impact Your Daily Life

How Ebola Will Impact Your Daily Life Like it or not the inconvenient truth is that ebola will change your life whether you ever come near anyone who is infected or was exposed or not. There may or may not be a verified case for hundreds of miles from you but the precautions necessary to …

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Your Pet and Ebola

Your Pet and Ebola For a large portion of the population the family pet is a member of the family. Especially for the elderly and disabled a pet is more than just an animal but perhaps the only company and assistance with daily living they may have. I admit my sadness when the family pet …

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Ebola in the USA

Ebola in the USA It really isn’t a surprise to anyone that the Ebola virus has found its way to the United States. I am surprised however at how lax the security measures were that the first carriers here were able to breeze through with the illness undetected. Read about that here >> Ebola reaches U.S.: …

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Ebola – It’s Not Over Yet


Ebola – It’s Not Over Yet Now that the news media has moved on to other disasters and news stories we are hearing less about the ebola out break. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean the epidemic is over. Not even close to being contained. We all rejoice that the 2 infected Americans survived and have been considered …

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Ebola Riots Hasten the Spread

Ebola Riots Hasten the Spread Literally what the picture above depicts is the beginning of the end of West Point Liberia. These people think they are saving themselves and those who were quarantined from a government fraud. I can not speak to the honesty of the Liberian government and even if I could in this …

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What You Need to Know about Ebola

What You Need to Know about Ebola Just the word Ebola strikes fear. A deadly communicable illness with no cure, of course the public is afraid. The more I read about the virus itself the more terrifying it is, the pictures of those infected are horrific. However, the more I read about how it is spread …

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