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A Day in Your Life After an EMP

A Day in Your Life After an EMP Many of us have considered the effects of an EMP on our lives and some of us have preparations gathered for just that disaster. But what would it really be like? For you with your preps or for your friends and neighbors who didn’t think such an …

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EMP Protection

EMP Protection  We talk a lot about EMP’s on survival and prepping pages and blogs. But what are they really and how do you protect yourself and equipment from this when the after effects are still more unknown than known? The article below gives some answers to those kinds of questions. Whether they are accurate …

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EMP: Sensible Preparations & Considerations

EMP: Sensible Preparations & Considerations The estimated amount it would cost a country to protect its power grid against an EMP is over 2 billion dollars. According to the Congressional EMP Commission the technology is available but it’s reported that politics have prevented the funding in favor of other expenditures. This leaves the average citizen …

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