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Building a Fire On Snow


Building a Fire On Snow Protection from the elements is the number one priority in a crisis scenario, even above being able to find a safe water source. During the winter months this becomes even more crucial and equally more difficult to do. The first concern of course is getting the flame to begin with. Even if …

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Inexpensive Overlooked Life Saving Prep

Inexpensive Overlooked Life Saving Prep One of the most overlooked preps is one of the least expensive! Disaster scenarios include electrical problems, arson, kitchen accidents, wild fires, lightning strikes and even an EMP can cause a fire. So many lost lives and tons of property damage could be avoided with a simple inexpensive prep. A fire …

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Fire That Lasts All Night

Fire That Lasts All Night No matter why you have built the fire, if its to keep you warm during the night whether, camping, backpacking, bugging out or even bugging in your fireplace or wood stove the last thing you want is to be getting up every couple of hours to tend the it. Or worse …

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DIY Bio Fuel Briquettes

DIY Bio Fuel Briquettes People have used bio briquettes as a fuel source, sometimes their only fuel source for many years. But there are a whole generation of younger people who have never heard of it. They work well for camping, fireplaces and wood stoves. Making your own and saving them for emergencies, camping and …

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