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Potatoes as a Survival Crop

Potatoes as a Survival Crop Growing and storing your own food crop is the best way to guarantee a consistent supply. Even in the worst crisis. Potatoes have been known throughout the ages as the survival food. Easy to grow, easy to store and everyone loves a good spud. Learning different techniques for growing is essential. …

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Dehydrating Veggies 101

Dehydrating Veggies 101 Dehydrating veggies is a little easier than canning them because after the prepping process you can lay them out on the trays and leave them unattended whereas with canning you need to be present throughout the entire project. I also prefer drying to canning personally because I can store it in airtight …

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DIY Easy Off-grid Fridge

DIY Easy Off-grid Fridge When or if the SHTF refrigeration is going to become a difficult task. It can also be difficult just camping or when there is a power outage whether that be a short term situation or a long term one. Most preppers worry about the long term if the power outage should …

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