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Get Home Scenarios Gone Wrong

Get Home Scenarios Gone Wrong The majority of us will not be at home when a SHTF event strikes. We need to leave home to go to work, shop, run errands, or to even just enjoy an evening out. Almost everyone including non-preppers and whether they realize it or not carry some kind of get home equipment in …

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BOB Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

BOB Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of Think you thought of everything for your bug out bag? For sure the featured article will  give you at least one BOB idea that you hadn’t thought of! This post goes the extra step and is focused on trying to give you some ideas of things you could use in your bug …

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Get Home Safe Plans

Get Home Safe Plans One of the biggest fears expressed by most of us is that disasters are not predictable. We never know where we might be when it strikes. How can we insure that we get safely back to our families or get them safely home to us?  We need a plan that everyone …

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