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DIY Bike Generator

DIY Bike Generator This is probably the most awesome off grid generator project I personally have seen! Why? Because it is simple enough that even I who knows nothing about electronics could make this! Not only that but the parts seem to be rather easy to locate without a huge cost.  It also looks like it …

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Difficulties Taking Your Home Off Grid

Difficulties Taking Your Home Off Grid The majority of us are tired of being at the mercy of the big power companies with their outrageous rates and frequent  outages. It is the dream of many to not only take their own homes off the grid  but to actually sell their excess power back to the big corporate company. …

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DIY Portable Power Pack

DIY Portable Power Pack You’re going to really like this portable power pack that you can make for right around $25 USD or less if you already have a spare car battery. You can get a good battery very cheap at an auto junk yard. But If you have access to or can find one within your budget a …

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