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Garden Pool, Unlimited Food Supply

Garden Pool, Unlimited Food Supply If you are interested in sustainable food production and water conservation, this will really float your boat! When Dennis McClung bought his home in Mesa, Arizona  in October of 2009, he also bought an unused built in swimming pool, (minus the water). It didn’t make sense to him and his …

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How and Why to be Prepared


How and Why to be Prepared We all have our own personal reasons for being prepared. Perhaps you witnessed or were involved in a disaster and decided “that wasn’t going to happen to you”, you’ve watched the news and are aware that disasters can happen to anyone at any time, you grew up taught “prepare …

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The Importance Of A Get Home Bag And A Great Starting List

The Importance Of A Get Home Bag And A Great Starting List This is a great guest post from my cousin who is just starting out prepping. She thought she would share her get home bag list and why she has one with you all. Have you ever heard of a get-home bag? I hadn’t …

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MIY Dutch Oven Bread

MIY Dutch Oven Bread Every preppers kitchen needs to be outfitted with some cast iron cookware, especially a Dutch oven. These dishes are true multi-taskers and are capable of cooking on a stovetop, in an oven, or over a fire, which obviously makes them extremely useful in case of a power outage or if shtf. …

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How To Make A 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator

How To Make A 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator   Opps this entry has been moved to…DIY Hydroelectric Generator-Hydropower  

Sleep Warm Camping Tips

Sleep Warm Camping Tips Hypothermia is a quick and silent killer. Don’t let this be what gets you when you are trying to survive… Staying warm while camping or bugging out may just be the most obvious thing you think you could do.. but its actually not that easy to do! Not only will you rest better …

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Knife Blades Infographic

Knife Blades Infographic When I first started prepping and collecting knives I only knew of two blades. Straight and serrated. Oh how naive I was… There are more than 10 basic blade types to choose from I don’t have any idea how many more specialty blades there are available out there. For information on the most common basic blades …

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Surviving wild Animal Encounters

Surviving wild Animal Encounters Coming face to face with any wild animal can be a deadly proposal and definitely a terrifying experience. Knowing what to expect can save your life. Many of the animals on the infographic below aren’t ones you are likely to run into. But for those that you could bump into the …

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Super Spices to Boost Health

Super Spices to Boost Health Crazy to think that spices could help in treating and sometimes curing ailments on and in the human body! I personally have started taking Turmeric daily to help with aches and pains, I have been doing this for months now and honestly I feel a difference. If you can eat …

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Building a Soda Can Solar Heater

Building a Soda Can Solar Heater It may be the summer months and we are all thinking about cooling off rather than heating up. What better time to prepare for the winter months! Right now you can do the construction outdoors leaving less clean up chores. A solar heater made from soda cans can’t help but …

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