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DIY Primitive Fishing Spear

DIY Primitive Fishing Spear When I first saw this, I thought what a cool primitive fishing spear! After reading the instructions though I realized it would take more skill in wood working than I personally possess. But for those who are good with their hands, at wood working, or very patient and determined this appears …

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DIY Quick Sapling Bow

DIY Quick Sapling Bow If in a crisis situation where ammo becomes precious or if you need to hunt stealthily a bow can be the answer. A quick DIY bow from a sapling can be used immediately in a survival hunting situation. You should have everything you need to put one of these together quickly …

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Primitive Stick Fish Traps

Primitive Stick Fish Traps This primitive old Native American method of trapping fish is best used in flowing water and funnels the fish into a smaller area where hopefully they become trapped. Once in the fish traps they are easier for you to pull out of the water. Especially effective if you need more volume than you …

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