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Creating a Safe Room in Your Home

Creating a Safe Room in Your Home For the last couple of centuries people have been building storm cellars and storm rooms in hopes of remaining safe during severe storms. But in the last couple of decades a different kind of safe room has become  popular. A reaction to the newer human threat of home invasions and robberies. …

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Awesome Hidden Exterior Exit/Entrance

Awesome Hidden Exterior Exit/Entrance You have to see this hidden entrance or exit! It is the most unusual and one of the most clever hidden doors I have seen! My mind is numb from the uses for this kind of space. No wasted space behind a closet or into a garage where you can create …

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DIY Hidden Pivot Bookcase

 DIY Hidden Pivot Bookcase (Two links! 1 for the complete DIY’er and 1 for the DIY’er kit) One universal issue shared by all those that prep, have children or low square footage homes, is storage space! How and where do we find more space and if possible can it be hidden in plain sight? Also quite popular with …

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