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Inadequate Storm Shelters – Tornado Safety

Inadequate Storm Shelters – Tornado Safety When I look at this picture I can see why someone on the road who ran into a bad storm might feel safer taking shelter under this structure rather than stay in the automobile. At one time getting out of your vehicle and climbing into the top crevice up …

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Surviving a Tornado

Surviving a Tornado I am a survivor or multiple tornados after spending many years in “tornado” alley. They are unpredictable and strike with very little warning. The temp suddenly seems to drop, the world becomes quiet and if you are not paying attention……the next thing you hear is what sounds like a freight train coming …

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Life After a Disaster

Life After a Disaster  Lessons from a Hurricane and a Tornado This particular article was written in 2013 however, the lessons learned from the experiences are valid today and year after year as tornado and hurricane seasons reoccur year to year. There is no better teacher than the past and no one better to teach it …

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